Business Tips
If you are setting up a new business or expanding an existing business, the following 'Business Tips' will be of some use to you. If you are involved in a bigger more sophisticated company, these 'Business Tips' are likely something you are already covering.

Business Tips

Software Implementation
        Software implementation best practice steps
Corporate Online Presence
        Rework your corporate online presence
Benefits of Cloud Based Systems
        Information availability, staff productivity, information consistency, risk reduction, fixed cost reduction and scalability benefits of cloud based systems
Document Management
        Document management and the modern workplace
        Manage project workflow
Project Costing
        Direct cost, overhead and other indirect cost components of job costing
Improve Staff Productivity
        Motivate and improve survey and engineering staff productivity
Employee Satisfaction
        Recognition, reward, culture, purpose, and autonomy combine to produce employee satisfaction and engagement
Time Tracking
        Staff and project time tracking and management


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