For Surveyors

Special Features
  •     Map of closest surrounding jobs that can display all sites you have worked on, even if that was 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Latitude never forgets, even if you do.
  •     Legal description, oil well & land database of PLSS, DLS, UWI, API well number, ATS, plat, lot and block, tax parcel, indian lands, Borough, Block and Lot, District Lot and any other legal/land description you care to configure. Flexible data search & filters with links to related projects.
Configurable workflow 
  •     Request
  •     Research
  •     Proposal
  •     Proposal followup
  •     File preperation
  •     Schedule field crews
  •     Safety meeting, vehicle inspection & evacuation plan
  •     Field work
  •     Work log of time, mileage, equipment, materials, meals, accommodation & customer signature
  •     Calculations
  •     Drafting & revisions
  •     Checking
  •     Report writing
  •     Delivery to customer
  •     Billing
  •     Collection
  •     Post project review & analysis

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