PRO vs BIZ Editions

Latitude Professional Edition
  • Single entry point for all data
  • Streamline the workflow from initial request to proposal, and all the way through timesheets & invoicing to accounts
  • Central management of all interactions with clients, prospects, associates & suppliers
  • Search, filter and report on all company information
  • Track client & contact information
  • All users can enter their own timesheets, equipment timesheets, disbursements & job data and run reports
  • Security system to limit what each user can see and do
  • See what work to attend to next using job status, due dates, phase & pre-dated register items
  • Flexible cross-referenced site address & legal description database configurable for DLS, UWI, ATS, lot and block, indian lands, district lot etc
  • Register of almost any type of information related to a job, project or business contact, including plans, drawings, requests, variations, conversations, spreadsheets, data files, emails & letters
  • Produce quotations, job sheets, invoices and statements using Word templates of your own design
  • Full record of all billable & non-billable time on both external and internal projects
  • Automated creation of new projects from template projects for each of your standard project types that prefills project details, quotes and project folders with a single click
  • Job costing and quotations
  • Automatic map of all nearby jobs, allows you to pull your field notes from old projects to quickly find survey marks
  • Project KMZ link to export & update project site location data in Google Earth and GIS software
  • Manage and track survey equipment, vehicles, computers, software & other assets, including their maintenance records, manuals & hardware drivers
  • Record of employee professional & safety certification
  • Reduced delay in invoicing as all data is available to immediately invoice at any time rather than having to wait until the end of the month
  • Flexible invoicing
Latitude Business Edition
As well as all of the features listed above for the Professional Edition, the Business Edition adds:
  • Maintain contacts in Latitude and automatically export them to your Exchange email server for use in Outlook
  • Identify which of your branches or divisions 'owns' a job or project
  • Split jobs into tasks and tasks into sub-tasks. Estimate, quote and track actual time and disbursements on each of them
  • Create multiple current quotations per job, so you can keep track of the total of all variations to the original proposal accepted by your customer
  • Allocate staff to particular projects, allowing you to control which jobs each of your staff can work on
  • Schedule field crews or individual staff on jobs and automatically notify them by email
  • Automatically notify employees/groups about tasks to be done, calls to make, applications to follow-up, meetings to be held and jobs to start via the Notification ¬†list screen, a daily reminder email and Outlook popups
  • Work logs to conveniently record and track all field employees' work hours, expenses, equipment usage, and other job details on a single screen. At the end of a work day, the crew chief can enter the log of work for all crew members and print a copy for the client to sign. Work & expenses can then be reviewed and authorized by managers before timesheets are generated and automatically fed into the Latitude billing system
  • Allow customers to electronically sign a log of work on an iPad or Android tablet to confirm that the work was done
  • Employee charge rate override by task type or using rate schedules
  • Raise draft invoices and allocate timesheets to them without affecting WIP
  • Swiftly prepare progress claims by percentage of work done on tasks, by allowing Latitude to calculate invoice amounts and total amounts claimed on previous invoices
  • Automatically produce project documents filled with data from selected Latitude customer and job fields
  • Multi-company optional add-on is available
  • Remote access via RDS / Terminal Server
  • LatiWeb client for browsers that allows entry of timesheets and lookup of client & job details while on-site or at home (requires Microsoft IIS webserver)
  • LatiReporter contains sample reports that you can copy and modify and sample queries that you can use to export data to Excel for analysis
  • Open database allows you to write your own reports using tools such as Crystal Reports
  • Latitude Remote Client (LRC) - remote user system
  • Runs on all computers away from the main office, whether they be in branch offices or in the field
  • Makes running on remote computers almost as quick and easy as running directly on your server or cloud server
  • Drag email from Outlook to LRC and have an email register item created and the actual email saved as a linked file in the project folder
  • Drag files from remote computers to the register and have them saved to the project folder and attached to the register item
  • Drag files from remote computers to create new register items
  • Open files such as CAD files locally on remote computers by simply clicking on them on the register
  • Print reports on remote printers
  • Runs on cloud based servers
  • Speed - runs faster with larger numbers of concurrent users
  • Stability - crash of a client pc cannot interfere with the server database
  • Security - harder for an ordinary user to interfere with the database

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