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Workflow is the different tasks that need to be worked on to complete a project, and how you alternate between them within the framework of your Project Management plan.

A project is usually unique and therefore the time, purpose, results and outcome expected from each one is different.

Project management workflow is the action of deciding the importance and the urgency of each task and activity through each step of the process. So it is in a meaningful and efficient sequence.

Workflow is all around us, even right next to you as you sit at your desk. Being in charge of following up an email sent to a supplier your colleague wrote and sent, that there is workflow. Just like projects, workflow exists as on essential part of all businesses and organizations. Without them, little would be finished!

For a successful project, each task would have to go through a series of stages. Regardless of what the goal of the project is, they all have their own patterns of workflow.

Efficient project management workflow systems should help you to organize and record the different stages of workflow. A good workflow process will create a series of steps directing you and your team towards a final destination. The most effective, and best lit path provided by Latitude will ensure the smoothest ride.