PRO vs BIZ Editions

Latitude Professional Edition

  • Single entry point for all data
  • Streamline the workflow from initial request to proposal, and all the way through timesheets & invoicing to accounts
  • Staged implementation to ease the initial learning curve for less computer literate staff by using the security system to 'hide' parts of Latitude you don't need on Day 1, and then gradually introducing more features to them as they become comfortable with using Latitude
  • Central management of all interactions with clients, prospects, associates & suppliers
  • Search, filter and report on all company information
  • Track client & contact information
  • All users can enter their own timesheets, equipment timesheets, disbursements & job data and run reports
  • Security system to limit what each user can see and do
  • See what work to attend to next using job status, due dates, phase & pre-dated register items
  • Flexible cross-referenced site address & legal description database configurable for DLS, UWI, ATS, lot and block, indian lands, district lot etc
  • Register of almost any type of information related to a job, project or business contact, including plans, drawings, requests, variations, conversations, spreadsheets, data files, emails & letters
  • Produce quotations, job packet sheets, invoices, statements, receipts and project documents using Word templates of your own design
  • Create multiple current quotations per job, so you can keep track of the total of all variations to the original proposal accepted by your customer
  • Full record of all billable & non-billable time on both external and internal projects
  • Automated creation of new projects from template projects for each of your standard project types that prefills project details, quotes and project folders with a single click
  • Job costing and quotations
  • Handle different charge rates by employee, work type, project and time period
  • Automatic map of all nearby jobs, allows you to pull your field notes from old projects to quickly find survey marks
  • Project KMZ link to export & update project site location data in Google Earth and GIS software
  • Manage and track survey equipment, vehicles, computers, software & other assets, including their maintenance records, manuals & hardware drivers
  • Record of employee professional & safety certification
  • Reduced delay in invoicing as all data is available to immediately invoice at any time rather than having to wait until the end of the month
  • Flexible invoicing

Latitude Business Edition

As well as all of the features listed above for the Professional Edition, the Business Edition adds:
  • Maintain contacts in Latitude and automatically export them to your Exchange email server for use in Outlook
  • Identify which of your branches or divisions 'owns' a job or project
  • Split jobs into tasks and tasks into sub-tasks. Estimate, quote and track actual time and disbursements on each of them
  • Allocate staff to particular projects, allowing you to control which jobs each of your staff can work on
  • Schedule field crews or individual staff on jobs and automatically notify them by email
  • Automatically notify employees/groups about tasks to be done, calls to make, applications to follow-up, meetings to be held and jobs to start via the Notification  list screen, a daily reminder email and Outlook popups
  • Work logs to conveniently record and track all field employees' work hours, expenses, equipment usage, and other job details on a single screen. At the end of a work day, the crew chief can enter the log of work for all crew members and print a copy for the client to sign. Work & expenses can then be reviewed and authorized by managers before timesheets are generated and automatically fed into the Latitude billing system
  • Allow customers to electronically sign a log of work on an iPad or Android tablet to confirm that the work was done
  • Mobile Timesheets for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets. Mobile timesheet screen suitable for low resolution devices that makes it easy to enter time and expenses from the field. Requires suitable server & network infrastructure and client app installed on your mobile devices
  • Raise draft invoices and allocate timesheets to them without affecting WIP
  • Swiftly prepare progress claims based on your current task completion percentage. Latitude calculates the correct invoice amounts and shows total amounts already claimed in prior invoices
  • Automatically produce project documents filled with data from selected Latitude customer and job fields
  • Multi-company optional add-on is available
  • Remote access given suitable systems & network infrastructure
  • LatiWeb client for browsers that allows entry of timesheets and lookup of client & job details while on-site or at home (requires Microsoft IIS webserver)
  • LatiReporter contains sample reports that you can copy and modify and sample queries that you can use to export data to Excel for analysis
  • Open database allows you to write your own reports using tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports
  • Latitude Remote Client (LRC) - remote user system
    • Runs on all computers away from the main office, whether they be in branch offices or in the field
    • Makes running on remote computers almost as quick and easy as running directly on your server or cloud server
    • Drag email from Outlook to LRC and have an email register item created and the actual email saved as a linked file in the project folder
    • Drag files from remote computers to the register and have them saved to the project folder and attached to the register item
    • Drag files from remote computers to create new register items
    • Open files such as CAD files locally on remote computers by simply clicking on them on the register
    • Print reports on remote printers
  • Runs in the cloud, given suitable cloud based infrastructure and services
  • Speed - runs faster with larger numbers of concurrent users
  • Stability - crash of a client PC cannot interfere with the server database
  • Security - harder for an ordinary user to interfere with the database

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