Install Latitude

Run the automated installer

Load Data
At the simplest level, run inbuilt functions to load clients from accounting software such as QuickBooks, MYOB, Simply Accounting, Sage, Reckon and Xero.
The next level is to perform a 'do it yourself' data load by populating standard Latitude client, contact & project CSV files, being carefull to precisely follow our formatting rules.
After confirming the CSV files are complete and correct, run the Latitude data load functions.
For more complex needs we provide full custom data migration services.

Setup & fill lookup tables, billing rates, user security groups, onscreen field labels (if you use specialized jargon or simply don't like ours), layout job sheet, proposal, invoice & other templates, create template jobs, tasks & project documents, decide on register item types and links to other software you use.
Few companies need to do all of the above, and you can start with a simpler configuration and add more complexity as your staff become familiar with the basic system.